Saftech receives award from RAK government

Saftech’s motto has been “to replenish to nature what we have taken from it”. We are glad to announce that Environment Protection and Development Authority, RAK has bestowed the second position to us in the Environmental Sustainability award (Industrial category). Guided by the vision of our founder, late Mr. Abdul Taiyeb Safdari, the Saftech family has been doing its own bit to improve the environment.

Some of the steps we have taken are-

  1. Green cover
    • Planting more than 160 low water intensive trees
    • Experimenting with the Miyawaki system of afforestation
    • Growing seasonal crops
    • Using vegetable & animal waste from market as organic fertilizers
    • Planting creepers on walls to reduce heat inside office
  2. Waste
    • Waste is segregated into wet and dry
    • Turning wet waste into compost and chicken feed as well
    • Dry waste is reused, recycled or upcycled
  3. Water
    • Drip irrigation
    • Motion sensor taps
    • Recycled water used for watering plants
  4. Electricity
    • LED lights
    • Skylights
    • Bulk washing using industrial washing machine
  5. Fuel
    • Switching to hybrid cars
    • Bulk procurement for employee accommodation
    • Electric forklift
    • Rearing chicken and ducks to provide eggs and poultry to 65+ workforce & their families. Thereby reducing carbon foot print of procurement.

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