Quality Control

Quality is the most important aspect of every good produced at Saftech. We deliver products that meet specified quality including the quality of process. To achieve this, we have all the necessary standard measurement equipment / instruments to inspect each and every dimension that is produced. As a team our quality control strategy involves reducing risk, enhancing training, creating better process.

As one of the leading job shop, customised manufacturing facility in UAE, Saftech is equipped with variety of measuring instruments. Separate sets of quality instruments are maintained at workshop & in Quality Control Department.

Besides these we have many component specific inspection gauges, thread Go & NO GO gauge, dial gauges, surface roughness testing machine, digital height gauge, vernier caliper, micrometer, bore gauge, thread gauge, height gauge and others.

All these instruments are calibrated as per necessary frequency.

Recently we have added a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) which helps in making reliable measurements of complex products. This way quality assurance is guaranteed.

We hire external services for Ultrasonic testing, Spectro Testing, Chemical analysis of elements & physical test as per job requirement.