Premium Executive Safety Shoes Boot

Panter is a 100% Spanish family business group with leading edge technologies. Production capacity is 15,000 pairs of shoes per day. Currently all its footwear more than complies with the strictest European standards on safety and quality, tested by institutional laboratories such as the prestigious INESCOP, the Biomechanical Institute of Valencia and SATRA in the UK.

Panter strives to improve its competitiveness and product quality at the same time as positively influencing productivity of users and clients. That is why it consider Research and Development (R&D and innovation) to be such a key area for its investments. The main concern in offering a quality product is to continue researching and developing new ideas and knowledge that arise from specific needs or demands posed by companies or by society at large and to which Panter provide solutions.

Industrial Shoes

Diamante Totale S3 248

Silverstone S3 Cuero

Z910 S3 Atmosfera

EZion Super Marsella

Apolo Link Negro

Drago Totale S2/S3

Sumun S3 Azul 247

Pandion S3 Beige 247

Argos S3 Reflector Naranja

E Zion Super Yunque Metal Free

Diamante Link

Healthcare Shoes

Clinic O2 Blanco Atmosfera

Raquel Negro S2

Brisa O2 /S2 Blanco

Fragua Velcro Totale S2 Blanco 269

Zagros O2/S2 Blanco

Chacinero Totale 269

Lupulo S2 Blanco

Specialized Shoes

Voltio SB / SBP – Electrical

Acidos – Acid

Aluferro 49 – Smelter

EIA Shoes


Gladio Militar


Delta force o2

Fenix oxigeno o3

Z910 O3 Atmosfera Oxigeno

Aguila O3

Halcon O3

Guardian O2

Combate O2

Rider O2

Civico O2 Membrana