Premium Executive Safety Shoes Boot


Safety, Uniform & Professional footwear
1 year warranty 

100% Made in Europe

40 years of experience

Footwear for each and every user, field of 
work, or industry
220+ models to choose from

Solutions adjusted to your budget

Industrial Shoes

Forza Sporty S3 ESD

Silverstone S3 Cuero

Z910 S3 Atmosfera

Swing Azul S3

Apolo Link Negro

Drago Totale S2/S3

Oslo S3 Naranja

Pandion S3 Beige 247

Argos S3 Reflector Naranja

E Zion Super Yunque Metal Free

Diamante Link

Diamante Totale S3 248

Sumun S3 Azul 247

Healthcare Shoes

Clinic O2 Blanco Atmosfera

Raquel Negro S2

Brisa O2 /S2 Blanco

Fragua Velcro Totale S2 Blanco 269

Zagros O2/S2 Blanco

Chacinero Totale 269

Lupulo S2 Blanco

Specialized Shoes

Voltio SB / SBP – Electrical

Acidos – Acid

Aluferro 49 – Smelter

EIA Shoes


Gladio Militar


Delta force O2

Fenix oxigeno O3

Z910 O3 Atmosfera Oxigeno

Aguila O3

Halcon O3

Guardian O2

Combate O2

Rider O2

Civico O2 Membrana