With more than 75 equipments, including 1 to 5 axis CNC Machines, CNC bending machine, automatic cutting machines, press machines, welding machines, we can take up the most challenging and complex jobs


With a very experienced and highly skilled team, customers can trust their job is being handled by professionals



With advanced instruments like Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), digital height gauge, XRF Analyzer, various analog and digital measuring instruments, our customers can be certain of only quality products


A dedicated team with the latest software in 2D & 3D CAD helps in making engineering drawing effortlessly while CAM gives an advantage in making complex parts rapidly and accurately


Maykestag is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-performing carbide and HSS cutting tools. Setting new standards of innovation and quality, the company develops all the tools in its three in-house facilities in Austria by adopting innovative production processes.

Maykestag's core competencies lie in the development and production of drills, milling cutters, reamers, countersinks, rotary burrs and special tools.

If you want long-lasting tools that ensure consistent results throughout the years, Maykestag will be your go-to partner.

Product Range :
• Solid carbide drills
• Solid carbide taps
• Solid carbide milling cutters
• HSS drills
• HSS reamers And more!