Job Shop

A job shop is a manufacturer of custom products.

The quantity handled can range from a single piece or small batches and sometimes mass production.

In a job shop product flow, processing and fixtures are unique. They are mostly non-standard and are customised as per requirement. A variety of manufacturing processes are involved in a machine shop like CNC milling, turning, threading etc. Also fabrication, presswork are included. Due to varied demand, a job shop is generally equipped with a combination of special purpose and conventional machines. Layout is designed to minimize material handling, hence reduce cost and work in process inventories.

Highly skilled manpower is a must for job shops since there is no standard product being manufactured. Most of the time, products are one of a kind or in small volumes. Job shops are also involved in reverse engineering production as sometimes only a sample single component is provided by customer from which batch manufacturing is to be done.

Job shops have the flexibility to make a variety of products to meet customer requirement, quality and service standards. Job shops compete on customization, quality, speed of product delivery and new product / process introduction.

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