Cutting Blades



With more than 75 equipments, including 1 to 5 axis CNC Machines, CNC bending machine, automatic cutting machines, press machines, welding machines, we can take up the most challenging and complex jobs


With a very experienced and highly skilled team, customers can trust their job is being handled by professionals



With advanced instruments like Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), digital height gauge, XRF Analyzer, various analog and digital measuring instruments, our customers can be certain of only quality products


A dedicated team with the latest software in 2D & 3D CAD helps in making engineering drawing effortlessly while CAM gives an advantage in making complex parts rapidly and accurately

Pilana is well known European (Czech) brand. They have most up-to date production of bimetal bandsaw blades. Pilana blade manufacturing production line is equipped with the best European technologies. Only the bimetal coils produced in Western Europe are used for the manufacturing of their tools.

We have sales team of engineers with full technical knowledge which helps in providing satisfactory service and support to our customers. Can weld more than 300 loops of bandsaw blade every day due to inhouse own welding service

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Type Of Blades

M42 UNIVERSAL– Ideal Band Saw Blade for Small Solid Material and Medium Wall Thickness Tubes.

M42 MASSIVE – Specially Designed for Medium and Large Cross Section Cutting of Solid Material.

M42 ALUCUT – Specially Designed for Easy Aluminum Cutting.

M42 PROFILE – Band Saw Blade for Smooth Tubes Cutting.

M51 GRINDCUT (+TiN**) – Ground-Teeth Profile for the Best Cutting Results. (** Optional TiN coating on request).

M51 TEMPEST – Premium Band Saw Blade for Supper-Alloys Cutting.

WOODCUT – Bimetal Band Saw Blade for Wood Cutting.