About Us


25 years of experience to serve you better

Formerly known as Al Faya Iron Mongery Factory, Saftech was established as a profit making organization, seeing the scope of job shop activities and its future demand. We have been operating in UAE since 1995, providing engineering goods, machining and fabrication services for a broad spectrum of businesses. We prides ourselves on our speedy response to customer needs.

We have also taken distributorship of various European products that were time tested at our facility.

Our Strength



With more than 75 equipments, including 1 to 5 axis CNC Machines, CNC bending machine, automatic cutting machines, press machines, welding machines, we can take up the most challenging and complex jobs



With a very experienced and highly skilled team, customers can trust their job is being handled by professionals



With advanced instruments like Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), digital height gauge, XRF Analyzer, various analog and digital measuring instruments, our customers can be certain of only quality products



A dedicated team with the latest software in 2D & 3D CAD helps in making engineering drawing effortlessly while CAM gives an advantage in making complex parts rapidly and accurately

Our History

It all started with anchor bolts of various types in sizes ranging from M6 to M100
  1. Inception of Al Faya Iron Mongery in Dubai
  2. First CNC machine
  3. ISO 9001 Certified
  4. Renamed to Saftech Engineering Works
  5. ERP tally and Camworks added
  6. Shifted to purpose built facility in Ras Al Khaimah
  7. CNC 4-Axis and 5-Axis machines from Switzerland added
  8. CNC Plasma cutter, CNC Press brake and CNC Puncher added
  9. Designed and developed a 100 ton Hydraulic press machine 100% inhouse
  10. Developed Eye Bolt Forging – M6 to M52
  11. Started General trading business with Sole distributorship of Panter, Pilana, & DC Swiss in UAE
  12. First 3D printer installed
  13. Zoller Pre-setter and Tool Shrink fit added
  14. 5-Axis simultaneous machining capability added- Doosan SMX 2600
  15. Became authorized sole distributor of Maykestag carbide tools & Albretch in UAE
  16. Added CMM & XRF Material Analyser

Our Policy

  • To provide continual service improvement by prevention of non-conformity
  • Ensure customer’s need are understood and are fully meet.
  • Perform all activities correctly, at the first time.
  • Ensure all staff are trained and competent in their responsibilities.
  • Operate To the principles and procedure of saftech quality management system.
  • Periodically review their QMS for its relevancy to the business
  • Continually improve its operation by undertaking and achieving quality and process objective.
  • Provide service in compliance with applicable local legal/ regulatory requirement.

Our Capabilities

  • 5 Axis Turn-Mill Centers
  • VMCs
  • Horizontal Turning
  • Coordinate Measuring machine (CMM)
  • Tool Presetter
  • CNC Press Brake
  • CNC Puncher
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Horizontal Boring Mill
  • Surface grinder
  • SolidWorks and CAM software
  • Automatic cutting machines
  • Press machines: Ranging from 20 to 100 tons.
  • Welding machines (TIG. MIG, ARC, GAS)
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Lifting Equipment’s
  • Diverse range of machinery suitable of anchor bolt manufacturing

Custom CNC Machining Processes & Capabilities

  • Threading
    • External
    • Internal
  • Parting/Cutting
  • Facing
  • Turning:
    • Contour Turning
    • Form Turning
    • Taper Turning
    • Straight Turning
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Counterboring
  • Countersinking
  • Pocketing
  • Profiling
  • Reaming
  • Tapping
  • Thread Milling
  • Knurling


  • Alloy Steels
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze Alloys
  • Inconel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastics
  • Duplex

Equipment Capabilities

  • 5 Axis Machining
  • CNC Control Capabilities
  • CNC Milling
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Manual Milling
  • Manual Machine Turn
  • CAD Design Services
  • CAM Programming Services
  • 100 tonne Bending machine
  • Shaper
  • Boring Machine
  • TIG/MIG/ARC/GAS welding
  • Forging
  • Surface Grinding


  • Three-jaw chuck
  • Four-jaw chuck
  • Pallets
  • In-House Fixturing & Tooling

Machinery Axis

  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Corporate Social Responsibility

We know that every business impacts directly or indirectly towards the world around us. We, at Saftech, believe that it is our not just our responsibility but our privilege to give back to our society and environment. For this we have taken firm steps in the following fields


We started a free public library in Ratlam, MP, so that everyone has easy access to books and to encourage reading especially in the younger generation. It is named as Vision 2020 in reference to the book written by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

  • In 2011, we started the first free library
  • In 2014, we added a 2nd free public library

Waste Management Research

Another team was set up to research more speedy, efficient and effective ways to convert our wet waste into compost so as to decrease the amount of waste that is going into our landfills.


Simple measures like water saving devices, growing a lot of our crops, raising chickens, recycling food waste to convert it to manure to use for our garden and crops have been taken.

We are in the process of making a forest by the Miyawaki method of afforestation.

Research for Upliftment of Farmers and Rural Societies

In 2017, Saftech set up a team in India to research methods to help improve the life of farmers. They have been exploring techniques for rainwater harvesting, organic farming, increasing of crop yields etc.