8 Panter shoes that are perfect for hot summer days

The summer is here. Boy, is it here! In recent days, we have experienced a notable rise in temperatures, accompanied by several heat waves.

It is essential to have ergonomic and lightweight footwear with breathability to work comfortably and safely in this heat. Excessively sweaty feet lead to problems like chafing, wounds, and injuries. A breathable work shoe will ensure cooler, fresher, and drier feet.

We recommend very light and breathable shoes to walk comfortably or trekking-type sandals if your priority is to maximize the thermal comfort of your feet. You can also count on shoes made with textiles with maximum breathability or top-quality leather cuts with perforations on the instep and sides that encourage the aeration of the foot.

Essential characteristics in a shoe to work in summer:

  • Breathable
  • Light-weight
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible


Best safety shoes for summer


Check out some of our favorite Panter shoes below for working in the summer heat.


Ultra-breathable safety footwear developed with cutting-edge, high-quality materials.  It provides greater cushioning and tread stability thanks to its “OPTIMAL SOLE” Technology. It combines an ultra-breathable, high-tenacity technical textile with rubberized leather reinforcements on the toe and heel and water-repellent treatment. Equipped with a 200J anti-impact plastic toe cap, anti-perforation textile sole, and super light PU + 2TPU sole, the NAIROBI S3 is non-slip and shock absorbing. It is available in two colors, green and orange.


Safety footwear with maximum protection, comfort, and well-being for your feet. Developed with top-quality materials, it has an attractive design and sport-casual aesthetics making it ideal for use both in and out of work. The “OPTIMAL SOLE” Technology gives it greater cushioning and tread stability. The upper is made of a natural 1st grain leather, combined with breathable fabrics and water-repellent treatment. It is equipped with maximum protection due to its plastic toe cap (resistance to 200 Joules impact), and its anti-perforation textile base (resistant to 1100 N). Flexible, light, antistatic footwear, the OSLO S3 is OEKO-TEX certified and available in two colors, blue and orange.

ARGOS S3 Reflector

A safety sports shoe that combines high-resistance technological textile with flexible polyurethane reinforcement to provide a perfect fit for the foot. Reflective, breathable, and water-repellent at the same time, it offers resistance to the passage of water for more than 60 minutes. It is equipped with a 200J anti-impact plastic toe cap, anti-perforation nitrile rubber with polyurethane sole, and a new triple density development. You can choose this model in three colors, gray, orange, and yellow.


The same safety sports shoe as the previous model but in an Ultra-Breathable S1P version. It also comes in three colors to choose from, black, red, and blue.

CAURO Oxygen S1P

The most breathable shoe in our extensive catalog. Metal-free, SRC, and made of top-quality natural leather combined with mesh fabric this is the ideal safety shoe for working in hot environments. Hence, it is perfect for workers who require special breathability in their footwear while also being waterproof. Highlights include its 200J anti-impact plastic toe cap, anti-perforation textile base, a breathable and waterproof Oxygen PU + TPU sole, and an anatomical thermoformed latex gel and COOLMAX fabric insole.


Our most ergonomic, flexible, and lightweight safety sandal available. Its design incorporates openings and lateral perforations that favor the ventilation of the foot. Its ergonomic layout, patented by Panter, maximizes the well-being of the user, reducing plantar pressure, fatigue, and muscle pain. This shoe was developed under strict scientific and biomechanical criteria. Its upper is made of breathable high-quality natural grain leather.  It has an anti-impact plastic toe cap (200J) and non-metallic anti-perforation textile base (1100N).

OZONE S3 Atmosfera Oxygen

A metal-free shoe with high-quality water-repellent 1st grain leather, resistance, and breathability. It features resistance to fraying. Made with the latest generation textile with OEKO-TEX® certification i.e free of substances that may be harmful to people or the environment. Designed with the exclusive ergonomic PANTER sole, it comes equipped with a 200J anti-impact plastic toecap, PU/TPU Oxygen Atmosphere anti-perforation textile sole, anatomical thermoformed latex gel insole, and Coolmax fabric.

CAROL O2 Black Atmosfera Oxygen

Carol O2 is developed specifically for the protection of women’s feet and is characterized by its exclusive patented ergonomic sole. It also stands out with its PU/TPU Oxygen Atmosphere sole that incorporates waterproof and breathable Oxygen technology, antistatic and antibacterial Coolmax insole, and its water-repellent leather upper. Also available in S3, with a safety toecap and the option to choose between an anti-perforation textile sole or steel base.

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